Thursday, 9 August 2018

Paying his debt

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  1. Great Cap Seeing this is a Nikki and I go by Nikkie I would say you wrote this for me. here is a recap I could see happening Nikki went to her 1yr finance meeting and was told the bad news that because of inflation Her debt had grown, Nick was upset but did not show it but Nikki was over joyed She had gotten use to Cum and Her after Smoke She took out a second loan on her debt and became a Madam for the mob bosses no longer was it off the street cheap cum it was now Grade A mob bosses and their wealthy friends Her cloths got better, Her living conditions went from skeezy motel to a nice condo with a Mercedes. Nikki went to all the great parties took Her new Girls and gave head with the bosses and loved it and told Her old male identity She was never going back He can fade away or accept it and join in on the fun.