Monday, 27 October 2014

The first of many captions!

Misty has arrived!

Hello and welcome to my newly created blog.

 I’ve been captioning off and on for a very long time (the late 90s in fact!) but aside from a yahoo group I never really published them and most were deleted/lost over the years, which is a shame as I’ve always enjoyed doing them. They turn me on and I’d love to be able to share them in the hopes that other people would enjoy them.

 Part of the problem is that, as a guy who’d love to be a girl, I’ve always struggled to define my girlie identity. I have names I like, names I love, but I’ve never been ever to settle on one to use all the time. Then last week I came up with Misty Steele as an amusing name to add to a mocked up novel cover, and decided I really liked it.

 I’m not sure I am Misty Steele, I suspect she’s a pen name the real girl me would choose, but it’s a fab name and seems very appropriate.

I really hope people like my captions. I have a lot to upload and hope I don’t overdo things. Please let me know if you like particular types of captions, and let me know if I’m being too naughty (or not naughty enough!)
Misty Steele is the kind of girl who wants to be as accommodating to her fans as possible.

Love and kisses,
Misty Steel xxx